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MODULAR, Amsterdam 2017

DGTL is one of the biggest electronic music festivals of the Netherlands, known for its themes such as sustainability and comprehensive after movies. The edition of 2017 gave me the opportunity to be responsible of the audio engineering and the music composition. The video was directed by Jerom Fischer & Boris Acket.

FREQUENCY, Barcelona 2016


After a successful collaboration on the Transmission after movie, a successor was bound to happen. This aftermovie, called Frequency, was shot in Barcelona and received the same audio procedure as the predecessor.

After revising all the sounds, sorting the balance and giving a bit of extra power, it resulted in a track that stood up next to the professional featured tracks. It even received a certain popularity where the audience was highly curious which popular artist produced this mysterious anthem.

TRANSMISSION, Amsterdam 2016


In 2016 I was responsible for mixing the sound design of the Transmission after movie together, to make the tracks a nice blend and become a unity. The video was directed by Jerom Fischer & Boris Acket.

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